We're in need of a few good people!

Are you looking to enrich your vacation by volunteering your services? We have a need for you!

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La Jungla Experience Needs Your Help

La Jungla Experience is a new Hostel, Private Accommodations, and Event Planning Facility situated in the outskirts of Boquete, Panama (specifically in Alto Boquete).

We are looking for help upkeeping and improving the grounds of La Jungla Experience, as well as making our property more "green" and eco-friendly.

We also are looking for help with cleaning and running the accommodations and organizing and helping with the marketing of La Jungla Experience.

Finally, we are open to ideas to help market La Jungla Experience to help bring in more tourists AND locals.

As a helper, you will gain valuable business and real-life experience helping improve the accommodations and business side of La Jungla Experience and can take pride knowing the property is "greener" and the guests are more satisfied.

How can you help? A few ways:

  • + Walk, Feed, Groom, and Love On Our Dogs;
  • + Pick Up Dog Poop :) ;
  • + Help Create and Implement Marketing Opportunties;
  • + Improve Eco-Friendliness of La Jungla Experience Grounds;
  • + Generate and Employ Ways La Jungla Can Further "Go Green";
  • + Clean rooms and provide maid service;
  • + More! Your Imput is Greatly Appreciated and Ideas are Warmly Welcomed;

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