La Jungla Experience Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Our Guests, Friends, and Neighbors Asking About La Jungla Experience, Boquete, and Life


  • How long has La Jungla Experience been around?
  • La Jungla Experience Hostel, Private Accommodations, and Event Planning were officially opened on January 22nd, 2016

  • Does La Jungla Experience have a restaurant on site?
  • Although we do not have a restaurant on site, we have an "Honor Bar and Convenience Pantry" for your use, including affordable beverages and food, toiletries, laundry detergent, and more.

  • *Is La Jungla Experience Pet-Friendly?
  • Yes! Not only do we have our own 2 friendly dogs and 2 lazy cats on the property, if you let us know in advance, we can accommodate for your own pets should you be traveling with your furry friends.
    HOWEVER, due to the safety, possible allergies, and hopeful peace and quiet of our other guests, travelers with pets MUST book / reserve a private room. i.e., travelers with pets and their pets are not allowed in our dorm room(s).

  • Where can I find reviews from previous guests who've stayed at one of the La Jungla Experience accommodations?
  • Good question! We're proud to boast our many fine reviews on sites like Facebook, TripAdvisor, AirBnB, HostelWorld, soon), and more (we encourage you to do your own research)!

  • Are weekday rates less expensive than weekend rates?
  • Unfortunately not at this time, however, we are always willing to provide discounts for longer stays (1+ weeks) - ask us!

  • What sort of package deals and discounts are available?
  • We are constantly evolving and creating new and exciting packages for our guests - please click here to see what's available to you, our valued guests.

  • What does Boquete, Panama have to offer? Why should I travel to Boquete?
  • Boquete is nearly limitless in its offerings - whether you're seeking adventurous, infotaining, mind-opening, breathtaking, relaxing, fun-filled, family-friendly, gourmet, physical, or any other outing, the province of Chiriqui Panama has something for you! Click here to see for yourself

  • Do you take cash only, or can I pay with another form of currency, such as credit card, PayPal, or even BitCoin?
  • Cash is king! But if cash is not a viable option for you, we also take most major credit cards using Tab.+, PayPal++, and possibly coming soon - BitCoin!
  • +PLEASE NOTE - La Jungla Experience charges an additional 3% fee when paying by credit card with Tab.
  • ++PLEASE NOTE - La Jungla Experience charges an additional 2% fee when paying by PayPal.

  • What is the La Jungla Experience refund policy for bookings?
  • Each booking site we use has its own policy (Please read the fine print before you reserve a room/bed on whichever booking site you use). As a standard rule, if you cancel seven (7) days prior to your arrival dates, we will refund in full, minus a nominal cost incurred to us. For a more adequate cancellaton policy, please visit our Book Now page (scroll below booking software).

  • How can I reserve a room/bed with La Jungla Experience?
  • You can reserve a room using our own booking software;; AirBnB;;;; and, of course, Walk Ins are always welcome (PLEASE CALL / EMAIL / WHATSAPP prior to arrival to be sure rooms / beds are available.

  • Is La Jungla Experience secure for both guests and guest belongings?
  • The La Jungla Experience dormitory has 12 lockers to store your belongings (locks available for a fee), while the private rooms have locking doors with keys. La Jungla Experience Hostel and Private Accommodations also has decorative bars on all the windows and security cameras around the property. But best of all, Boquete, Panama is a very safe, quiet city with little to no criminal activity.

  • I lost something, or left something behind. What is the Lost and Found policy at La Jungla Experience?
  • Items that are lost in the La Jungla Experience accommodations or grounds will be kept in a designated Lost and Found area for a period of thirty (30) days. At the end of 30 days all items will be disposed of as follows: - Cash will be considered a donation to a local charity of our choosing; - ID cards, credit cards, bills, and any other paper containing personal information will be shredded or cut up; - Keys will be separated and each thrown into a different closed trash receptacle; - All other paper will be recycled; - Glasses will be donated to local clubs or people in need; - Other items with any value will be donated to a nonprofit organization to be determined; - Items with no value will be put in the trash.

  • How can I find you?
  • Easy! We're about 5 minutes outside downtown Boquete on the main David-Boquete calle - you can simply enter 'La Jungla Experience' on Google maps, or for more detailed instructions, read directions on our Map / Directions page.

  • I have a special disability - is your facility accessible for those with special needs?
  • Please contact us with specific questions. Our facilities can be difficult to traverse for those with special needs.

  • I am travelling with children under the age of 18, are kids/babies allowed at your hostel/private accommodations?
  • Unfortunately, children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the dorm room. It is shared with other guests and kids may distract sleep and/or activities of the hostel dorm. Please note, however, that children are allowed in the private rooms. Keep in mind, all of La Jungla Experience common areas are shared with up to 15 other guests.

  • What are some of the amenities that La Jungla Experience has to offer?
  • - Outdoor kitchen and social area with pizza oven and small fire pit; - Hammocks; - On-site Honor Bar and Convenience Pantry; - Relaxing lounge area with comfy couches; - NetFlix on TV; - Board games; - Multiple dining areas (outdoors an indoors); - A "leave one / take one" library with cozy reading areas; - FREE Clothes Washing ($1.00 to Use Dryer) (you must supply the detergent); - FREE bikes (a deposit is required); - MORE!!!

  • I have a special diet (vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, etc.) - am I able to request a tacos / pizza with dietary restrictions?
  • Although we can't guarantee we can cater to every special need, we are always willing to listen (and try). Please contact us prior to your arrival so we can prepare (and practice, if necessary!) for your circumstances.

  • I understand La Jungla Experience needs volunteers to help around the property or with the accommodations - How can I become a volunteer?
  • Please look for us on WorkAway, we are always taking on volunteers with knowledge of going green, marketing, gardening, property beautification, maid service, and more - all in exchange for room and board. Please see our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn how your expertise can aid La Jungla Experience accommodations and event planning.

  • Is La Jungla Experience close to shopping (food and / or souvenirs)?
  • Although we are about 5 minutes by bus/cab outside the main stretch of Boquete, we are located on a major roadway and within walking distance to small grocery stores and a few local restaurants. As for souvenirs, a 5 minute bus/cab ride allows full access to all the great shopping Boquete has to offer.

  • How many days should I spend in Boquete / How long should I stay in Boquete?
  • We think 4 or 5 days should be a perfect stay - this timeframe allows you enough time (and relaxation!) for the overnight hike to Baru, a day for a rafting tour, a day of souvenier shopping and dining (and drinking at the local brewery!), a day for hiking the local trails (plus an evening of NetFlix in our lounge!), and finally a day for the hot springs and/or the Gualaca canyons (for rockcliming and cliff jumping!).

  • What is the Weather Like in Boquete, Panama?
  • For the current weather, please visit AccuWeather. For general weather information, the average temperature is about 20 degrees C (75 F), and are generally pretty mild year round, however, can fluctuate greatly when going from high elevations (colder) to low elevations (warmer), and the temperature is known to drop at night, as well. The Boquete rainy season typically starts around April and lasts through to December (the "Bajareque" is common during this timeframe, which is a misty rain accompanied by a light breeze).

  • What is going on in Boquete's main square right now? At this very moment?
  • We're glad you asked! Check out these Live Video Cameras for all the action: Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, Camera 4.

  • Is Breakfast included when I stay at La Jungla Experience hostel or Private Accommodations?
  • Unfortunately not! Although we do supply coffee & tea all day for free every day. For a fee, we do have select foods available for purchase, plus there are grocery stores within walking distance.

  • Things To Do in Boquete

    Whether you like adventurous or relaxing excursions, the beautiful city of Boquete has something for you - including ziplines, waterfalls, rock climbing, botanical gardens, spas, dining, shopping, coffee tours, and a volcano! Not sure what you're wanting to do? We'll help point you in the right direction.

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